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New Technologies for Cancer Prevention


We are developing and testing new U.S. patent pending technologies that can be used to reduce human genetic damage.  The best way to prevent cancer is to prevent genetic damage before it happens.  Today, 25% of our population is dying from cancer.  That rate is too high and "Natural" rates of genetic damage must be reduced.


Stop the damaging effects unstable isotopes


Did you know that unstable isotopes are damaging your cells?  For instanace, Carbon-14 in your DNA is converting into Nitrogen-14, causing bond ruptures, strand breakage, and nitrogen substitution in canonical bases.  In a typical adult, this happens to over 30 million cells every year.  This is one source of spontaneous genetic alteration which can cause cancer.


What if this damage can be prevented?


Rather than be content with the present "natural" cancer rates, and "natural" cummulative genetic alteration, we encourage you to consider a potential "next step" in cancer prevention.  The utilization of only stable isotopes, which occur naturally in our environment, could prevent cell damage and genetic alteration caused by unstable isotopes, and possibly be a critical means of cancer prevention and quality of life enhancement.  You can read more about the significance of stable isotopes to Your DNA and Your Body here.

Stable Isotope Environments


The removal of unstable isotopes from agricultural products requires isotope filtration systems and controlled environments.  We are actively testing filtration system designs with Stable Isotope Environments.  See more information here.

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