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Decades of inadequate forest management over the last two centuries have resulted in millions of acres of forest throughout the world that have been cut without replanting. Over the last 150 years in Oregon state alone, where the Stable Isotope Foundation was founded, millions of acres of private, state, and federal forests were harvested before replanting was required by law.  These forests remain in a degraded state today.  The same is true in may parts of the world today, and many millions of acres of forests remain in a degraded state.



Please see our gallery of Examples of Deforestation Across Six Continents.


The Stable Isotope Foundation has developed U.S. Patent pending technology to dramatically reduce the cost of reforesting.  Our hope is that this will provide an economical solution for reforesting these millions of acres throughout the world.


New Forestry Technology


Aeroseed™ is an aerodynamic coating on seeds enabling dissemination from the air to achieve optimal penetration depths and seed orientations* to optimize germination and sprout survival rates. One Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) can implant 50,000 seeds per hour, reaching even inaccessible areas without roads or trails. This technology is also adaptable to nearly any species.  Utilizing this technology, one thousand (1,000) trees can be planted with nutrient supplementation for under $8 (e.g., Pinus ponderosa in Oregon, USA 2017).  More inforation about AeroseedTM is available here.

Please support the

World Reforestry Project


Goal: Plant 2.5 Billion Trees by 2030


Sponsored* by AeroseedTM


Please visit the World Reforestry Project for more information.


Opportunity: The World Reforestry Project is currently seeking partners for reforestry initiatives and grant proposals in geographic regions within Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South and North America.

* In support, Stable Isotope Foundation is donating licensing, production and distribution costs.


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