World Reforestry Project

Goal: Plant 2.5 Billion Trees by 2030


Sponsored* by AeroseedTM


With the efficiency provided by Aeroseed™ it is possible to plant trees economically, on a large scale, to a degree that has never been possible before. 


Please visit and support the World Reforestry Project with your donation, collaborative partnership, or co-sponsorship. Referrals are welcomed. Online donations are accepted at the World Reforestry Project website.


Thank you very much for your support!


Opportunity: The World Reforestry Project is currently seeking partners for reforestry initiatives and grant proposals in geographic regions within Africa, Asia, Europe, South and North America. 


Please contact us with your collaborative grant proposal opportunity or interest in AeroseedTM licensing, production, or distribution.


* AeroseedTM was developed by the Stable Isotope Foundation. We are donating licensing, production and distribution costs to support the World Reforestry Project.


AeroseedTM is a trademark of the Stable Isotope Foundation LLC.

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